Frequently Asked Questions


When is EB5 started?

  • The EB-5 visa category started in 1991 and Reginal Centres started in 1993.


What is a regional center?

  • A reginal center must be approved by USCIS and $500,000 USD investment amount will be sufficient.


How much do I need to invest?

  • Under EB5, the foreign national must invest $500,000 or $1 million, depending on where the project is located, in a new commercial enterprise in the United States.


How many jobs creation is EB-5 required?

  • At least ten (10) full-time jobs.


Can you include applicant and his/her family towards the job count?

  • No. The investor and any member of the investor immediate family (spouse, children) CANNOT be counted towards the 10 Full time job count.


Do I have to speak English?

  • No. The applicant should try to learn English as it would useful in an immigration interview. 


What are the minimum business and education requirements?

  • No pervious business experience is required. No required to demonstrate any minimum level of education.


Are there any non-EB-5 investors investing in this project?

  • No, all investors applied to EB-5.


Do I have to be actively involved in the daily basic on DentalHome?

  • No, DentalHome is a reginal centre, the investors do not need to be involved in a daily operation.